Mobile Substation
Mobile Substation


Mobile Substationcomprises a HV isolating switch, a circuit breaker, an oil immersed powertransformer, a MV switch cabinet and a LV power system.

Mobilesubstation is mainly used

  • in case of natural disasters or equipment accidents, emergency powersupply should be carried out immediately. If the system has no spare capacity, thedevice can replace the conventional transformer substation to supply electricityquickly

  • in the power supply. It can meet the high voltage power supplyrequirements of heavy mechanized equipments with large capacity and to solve theproblems like over voltage and to maintain sensitivity of short circuitprotection.

  • when the power supply is relatively far away, and it is difficult toestablish a permanent substation. A temporary substation can be put intooperation in a certain area like coal mining plant, etc.

  • as a temporary substation as a result of the shortage of funds or theconstruction of a permanent substation suspended.

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